Airs: September 20, 2011

Featuring:Rupert, Matt, Dave

Also Appearing: Football, White Ball, Bomb, Computer Chord, Phone Chord, Red Ball


The main plot starts off with Rupert talking about what the new show he created will be like, so to start, Football gets stuck in the basketball net so it is up to him to launch White Ball to get it down. He does, but gravity forces the ball back. He does succeed, but falls on the floor, making a joke. So then he returns for a commercial he makes for no reason, for the Ass Blaster so that he can launch his materials, and his balls make cameos.

Sub Plot

Things have got bad with the two stickmen. They have too many unwanted and obnoxious gunfights, and they rather don't die or they come back, more evil. So they program their bomb to take out their evil energy on killing two chords.


Rupert calls himself D Widget, a parody of rapper D Frigid

All of the main charachters appear, even though 3 of 6 speak.


Im gonna kill you first."

"The AssBlaster also massages!"

"That's why it's ass-fault."